We want to make sure you get your unique Volkswagen

roof pop top conversion just the way you want it.


So, we offer you options, colour choices and finishes

to ensure it’s completed to your specification…


Roofs are supplied in black or VW candy white as standard.

Other base colours can be exact colour matched

to the ones below if you provide the paint code.


We colour code in gel coat to match your vehicle on

any non-metallic base colour, matched to RAL code.


Take a look at the two selections of beautiful colours below.



1. ODY449 Black

10. ODY494 Caribbean Blue

2. ODY492 Charcoal

3. ODY489 Silver

4. ODY497 Turquoise

11. ODY493 Lakeside Blue

12. ODY496 Burgundy

13. ODY483 Red

5. ODY490 Teal

14. ODY491 Brown

6. ODY484 Aqua Marine

15. ODY426 Sand

7. ODY488 Forest Green

16. ODY408 Taupe

8. ODY480 Royal Blue

17. ODY499 Indian Birch

9. ODY498 Harbour Blue

18. ODY487 White



1. ACPB15 Pebble Beige

11. ACAQ15 Aqua

2. ACLI15 Linen

12. ACJA15 Jade

3. ACBEN15 Beige

4. ACRU15 Rust

5. ACYE15 Yellow

6. ACOR15 Orange

7. ACRB15 Bright Red

8. ACBU15 Burgundy

9. ACDR15 Deep Red

10. ACPU15 Purple

13. ACBG15 Bottle Green

14. ACDE15 Denim Blue

15. ACIN15 Indigo

16. ACNA15 Navy

17. ACPE15 Perla

18. ACMG15 Metal Grey

19. ACDG15 Dark Grey

20. ACBK15 Black