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We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and aftercare service. So we stand by our products, parts and installation process.


We have over 25 years trading experience within the industry and have established an enviable reputation for our product and service.


Westdubs are proud to warrant our fibreglass roofs and assembly parts to cover any fault in product breakdown or part defect as per below breakdown from the original date of the product supply.


We ask for the original invoice number to be provided to back up any claim.

The first 2 years cover parts and labour as per the above conditions, the remaining warranty covers parts only. The warranty is not transferable.


  • T5/T6 – 5 years warranty

  • T4/Caddy/Transit – 2 years warranty


The warranty will only be valid if the product has been used in the advised manner as recommended by the manufacturer and subject to an annual service or maintenance as advised, and will not include any misuse or extreme weather conditions that may impede the safety and care of the product.


The warranty covers any defect that may be on the production or fault in materials used but does not include the canvas wear and tear.


Roof skins need to be washed and polished as you would do with the rest of the vehicle, lack of care to the roof top can result in fading as with the rest of your vehicle.


We do not supply or fit roof rails and after-market products. The recommended weight limit for our roofs is between 45kg/ 50kg.

For any questions please contact us

DIRECT HOTLINE: 01886 884555

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